Friday, August 12, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Burning off

After informing the RFS and neighbours 24 hours ahead Peter burnt off the two big piles of trees and a couple of little stick piles. He has a pump and 1000L tank on trailer and lots of hose so we could put it out if it got away. Hasn't got rid of all of it as there was a lot of dirt pushed up by the bulldozer as well. Peter is also pouring a cement slab to put the battery box and shed for power board due to be installed Tuesday/Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


They let me inside for a look. The only damage I could see was a loose skirting board and another one with cracked paint. The finish in shower isn't great. The oven, blinds, towel rails, soap holder and wardrobe doors aren't in yet.


Well the cabin has arrived. Only one problem - the piers are 3.5m apart and the rails on the cabin only 3m apart. Four cranky guys stuck away from home (Orange) for another couple of nights while new piers are dug, poured and set - hopefully ready for Saturday.
Here it comes!

Backing onto site
Oh Ohhhh

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Views from cabin site



North towards Parker Rd
Was a bit foggy this morning but here are the cardinal views from cabin site. Note the fire damage to west where neighbours burning off got out of control on Monday and had to call the fire brigade. I discovered a spade is pretty useless and its pretty hard to avoid heat/smoke, so I appointed myself watcher on one corner to make sure it didn't jump the road, or burn onto my place.

Stick raking

I didn't realise that clearing the trees is just the first step. There are still lots of stumps and sticks and it's rough after the big bulldozer. So Peter from next door has bought over his rake ($50/hour) and spent two days ripping up roots and grass which I threw onto piles. My knees and back are pretty sore so I was very glad when Peter said he had to work today.