Friday, February 26, 2010

A tour

This was a shot of my water level system (drum on chair, staff with clear tube lying down) but it also shows what I've done so far. The 12m x 12m fenced area is the garden - too many roos/cows wandering around to risk unfenced. Ian cut a tree down and into fence posts which he also put in for me. The 6m shipping container and Vinnie the campervan are visible behind the chair, and the 3x3m shed. This top edge should be above flood level, most of the block is over the creek and not accessible.


Here is a shot of the stream - it's higher than usual due to lots of rain. This is the branch I had to scramble over to get back across. When the water level is lower it's more like a chain of ponds and there are places I can just step over.

No dig bed one

This bed has: asparagus, greek perennial basil, Chai (not too sure what this is), top of fennel just in view, aloe, oregano with capsicum and bunching onions, rosella, corn on right, in front are rows of capsicum, carrot (haven't had much luck), kohl rabi, tomato, grain amaranth.

Hello again

Well I just rediscovered this blog. Turns out the agent never bothered to get back to me on the Nashi block, he was too busy selling it to somebody else. Turned out for the best as I now own a much larger block nearby that was only slightly more expensive.

My land is two lots each of which is split, two are side by side so I have 3 separate blocks: one on Parker Rd, one on Orara Way and one beside a railway line that I haven't even seen yet as there is only a rough track.

I had to wait till we sold another place but I finally owned it 20 Nov 2009.