Saturday, November 27, 2010


This little frog was on the garlic chives - shame the focus is off. Knee still sore, part of the meniscus was folded under and a bit was poking into the joint so no wonder it was hurting. This week I'm going to Orange to sign up to get the cabin built. It's about 11 hours drive so I thought I would take the train - although that's 14-15 hours each way (and I have to catch a bus as well). I'll leave 9pm Wed night, I paid extra for first class overnight leg in the hope I can sleep some, I'll stay Thurs night at the Templers Mill Motel (part of RSL). Then 6am bus to Sydney and then train to Grafton arriving back at 10pm.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Not sure what these bugs are that hatched under my solar panel.


I got 8kg of potatoes from 1kg of seed potatoes (that cost $8 from Bunnings, and you can get potatoes for $1/kg sometimes so not exactly a profit). Some chillies and a bay tree. And a leek (already ate some of it).

New chicken

Unfortunately dogs killed three of the chickens while I wasn't there. The next day they came back and attacked the survivor locked in the chicken tractor. Turns out they were my neighbour Lisa's dogs. I go walking with Lisa a couple of times a week. She bought me this new chicken from a local and will buy me some feed (since I said I didn't want all 3 replaced). Of course the survivor chook was Ruby who has never got along with me - standoffish and tends to run behind me then peck my legs. She isn't too friendly to the new chook either but seems to only chase it a bit not cause any damage.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Garden update

The survivor from the first 12 corn I planted is trying to form cobs - might not work too well since suppose to need cross pollination. In the front left corner you can see the potatoes dying back - guess I better harvest them soon. The sultana grape in the background isn't showing signs of last years mildew (yet).

The peanuts are starting to flower.

Knee is a bit sorer today so probably mainly bed bound.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Knee surgery tomorrow

I decided to go private for the knee operation - 12 months is a long time to wait if it's going to stir up regularly. It's day surgery (15 mins of surgeon time - with followup he gets $1800). I'm going to stay at Cathy's - I suspect I won't be able to drive a manual car for a couple of days. I passed the SES land search course on the weekend and straight into first aid course - but at least it's only Tuesday nights.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Knee operation $3000 vs 9-12 month wait?

The MRI of my left knee shows a torn meniscus - it could have been torn for years. Since most of the meniscus doesn't have a blood supply it will never heal. The can do keyhole surgery and trim the torn part off which will stop it sticking into the joint causing pain. It won't change my chronic sore knees (chondromalacia) - but should stop the acute pain episodes. Since I only have public hospital cover I can wait 9-12 months and get it free or pay ~$3000 and have it done almost immediately. It's day surgery and I should be able to walk immediately.

Brown snake

Saw my first brown snake - and it wasn't this one. I heard a car stop and talk about running over a snake (they doubled back and ran over it three more times) - as I walked up to see it I nearly stepped on another one - over a metre long and it was frozen along my path to the letterbox, lucky I was thinking about snakes so my eyes realised what I was seeing in time to stop walking on it. The snake on the road was still moving - hence the single poor shot - I wasn't hanging around just in case.

Peach trees

Anne noticed the peach trees on my block that had been bulldozed but a few hung onto life where they had been pushed to the edge of the stream bank. There seems to be lots of fruit set but I have heard between the birds and insects I'm not likely to get a taste. I tied a plastic bag around a few - fingers crossed.