Friday, July 29, 2011


Well the piers have been poured and the cabin is due next Thursday. The solar power guy is coming the week after (alone so I have to be around in case he falls off a ladder or something). Still have to get tank and waste water system organised.

Peter my neighbour to east was horrified about the long grass around garden (he hates snakes) so came over and whipper snipped around and inside it for me. Looks much better, now I just need to keep it low.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A little exposed

It is finally dry enough for the guy I organised to clear the black wattle months ago. I'm an awful lot more visible from the road now. I've had four sets of neighbours stop to visit - one already had organised for Don the bulldozer man to do work for him and two more asked him to do stuff. The cabin is suppose to be driving up from Orange today but I haven't been given any more info. I didn't realise but apparently I now need to rake and smooth - luckily my neighbour Peter can do it (for a as yet undisclosed price of course). Then I need to spread rye grass seed. And Don the bulldozer man also told me I had to start treating the flowering peaches for fruit fly now. It's non-stop in the country!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Upper Corindi endurance ride SES support

 This weekend my SES Corindi unit helped out with an endurance horse ride in Upper Corindi. We manned the checkpoints and counted the riders through and passed messages back to base (painfully as radio and telephone comms were intermittent). There were 3 withdrawals, one seemed quite serious as it needed IV fluids. Endurance riding isn't all about being first but getting your horse through without stressing it as the vet checks can disqualify you.
Here is my checkpoint for Sunday the main ride with checkpoint mate Ray - we had to be out there by 5am when the horses started, so the fire was first priority.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another cabin delay to August 1st

Cabin delivery date (not occupation) is now Monday 1st August "Oh it takes 2 weeks to get permit from police because it needs an escort and he has only put the form in today". I barely refrained from angrily pointing out it seems like they have never delivered a house before that they don't know the procedures. Lucky that I have given up trying to get the rest done straight away - I did tell the solar power people from the 1st August but still waiting for my deposit to go through before we set an actual date.

And another phone call - you know that geotech (soil) report you sent 3 March - it doesn't have the information we need to pour the piers in less than two weeks!!! You need to get another one asap.

This weekend the Corindi SES unit is supporting a horse endurance ride around Upper Corindi. Two full days including having to be at the checkpoints by 5am Sunday. Camping overnight in July and the forecast is for rain. Lets hope no-one asks me to hold their horse again this year (it got very jumpy as other horses went past).

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cabin site levelled

The cabin has been delayed another week, I've given up trying to get everything co-ordinated will just try to get things done one at a time as there are always delays. So once cabin is in I'll get 72kL water tank (make sand pad, book tank build, order 7kL water to stabilise). Next get solar power system installed ($7700 for 3x190W panels). Then get the worm waste water system. Then do everything else council wants before granting occupancy certificate (carport, sealed driveway entrance, brick under piers). I suspect it will take months.