Sunday, June 24, 2012

SES general rescue exercise at Coffs Harbour

My SES unit (Corindi) was invited to Coffs unit for a GR (General rescue) exercise - a large scale industrial accident. This is the scenario we got (was random, victims scattered around). The bad news for Jeff (team leader) was that we couldn't use chainsaws (Jeff loves chainsaws). It turned out to be one of the toughest - made worse because of a mis communication that we didn't bring our own gear so had to beg hard and long to get anything. We did get him down but it took a long time. I think we learned a lot and I hope I never have to do it in real life (but I hope I have learned enough that I can help).

Winter Garden

 Bed 1 - garlic chive, red potato second generation from Bunnings seed (turns out they sprouted too soon), a rogue tomato, leeks, bunching onion and cabbage.
 Bed 2 replanted onion, coriander, um rogue tomato, capsicum at back. Recently cleared out Chia self seeded, collected some seed.
 Bed 3 Tomato (2 shop bought = mistake can't take frosts), old silverbeet, old corn, a punnet of sweet peas on left side (not visible).

 Bed 4 Perennial bed - Cut down asparagus (one out of synch plant still sending up shoots), strawberries, invisible perennial basil, hopefully aloe vera still alive and rhubarb at the back.  
 Bed 5 Mostly new - carrots, broccoli, silver beet, onion, leek, basil going to seed, and 3 cabbage seedlings.
Front celery from last year (never looked like shop celery), relic silver beet x 2; old dying roma tomatoes.