Friday, July 4, 2014

Puppies and house sitting

New to me sofa free from SES friend

Puppies clean after wash
I have spent two lots of 12 days puppy/house sitting in the last month. Lots of travel back and forth to go to SES and RFS activities.
Well that is a reason to bark - Echidna next to dog pen

Friday, February 7, 2014


Python visited again - killed the remaining hen chick but couldn't swallow her (saliva coated). Clearly I can't raise chicks without extreme fencing or killing pythons, even though I did keep them locked up for ages. But that is fine because I don't really like eggs - always struggling to keep up with 3 bantam hens. The only survivor I'm pretty sure is a rooster - from the silver lace wyandotte. Finally gave in and bought a new mower, I just wasn't keeping up to the grass with scythe/push mower/whippersnipper.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Python in chook pen

Woken near midnight by dog barking. Minnie was staring at her kennel (pet carrier) on the verandah, behind it was a 1+ metre python (probably trying to get to swallows nest above there). I tied up dog and flicked python off verandah, gave it a few minutes to get clear and let dog off. She ran straight to the chook pen and barked more. Found the python now with a large lump (one of the three remaining 6 week old chicks) inside the chook tractor. Tricky operation - tractor is too low to climb in (with an angry snake), snake didn't want to move, chooks and dog in the way. Eventually shoved it out of pen - it makes escape through chainlink fence until the lump got stuck. After much poking left it there to work out for itself how to get free.