Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lucy's first egg

The little black chicken has laid an egg - ending my speculation about it's gender. I was keeping them locked in the cage all the time but finally gave in to their pitiful calls. I'm going to leave them out while I'm on the block - not even lock them in at night since it was the early morning calls for release which were driving me crazy. It's a risk but hopefully I can rescue them when the dogs come back, or the goanna/hawk/fox/cat. They will still be locked up over the weekend when I'm at Cathy's.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Development application

Well I have submitted the application and there has been a site inspection. As usual new stuff was brought up - I need a second water tank dedicated to fire fighting with a specific fitting (maybe not plastic he wasn't sure) and I need to enclose the bottom around the 1m piers - so it doesn't look like a transportable. Another form for the builders to make sure the cabin complies with fire standards. However, he said he would send me something soon that would let them start building the cabin, before the formal approval. Now I just need to find someone to clear the regrowth, make a driveway, level the house and two tank sites.