Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fruit trees flowering

A few of the (I think) peach trees which were bulldozed off the cleared part onto the bank along the stream have sort of survived. Last year Anne noticed a couple of fruits but I couldn't find them again. They are flowering now - would be nice if I got some fruit but it seems unlikely, after all the orchards all failed around here.

First egg

One of the chickens (no idea which) laid their first egg yesterday and I had it fried for breakfast. They have munched through over 50kg of food so far - doesn't help that they spill it (notice the spill around the egg). The local pigeons are grateful though.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Solar cooking

I've had two tries at solar cooking, first scallop potatoes that I didn't start early enough - the sun has disappeared on my block by 3pm due to trees/hill to the north. Then I tried chicken soup (with some dried pumpkin and tomato) but even though I got it on before 10am I still had to cook it more on the stove. I guess the middle of winter is not the best time for solar cooking.