Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Harvest and house options

First capsicum and cucumber, lots of tomatoes although the leaves are dying off now.

I've decided to go with a transportable house - heard horror stories of trying to get tradesmen out of town. Its down to two:
1. Wangla http://www.westrade.com.au/cabins_transportables/Pages/cabinrange.html tab 9
2. Taroom http://www.hollingconstructions.com.au/residential/range.php?id=16
I'll make changes to either to make it more solar passive. The Taroom says 8 weeks build, and the Wangla 12-16 weeks and that's after I get council approval.


  1. Bill and I think you should go for the Wyangala - it looks really good. The other one looks a bit pokey and inflexible. Don't forget you picked the shed because it had the shortest lead-time and that turned out to be a fib.

    Good-looking harvest! Can you survive on that until next Summer? I've got a good cucumber&potato soup recipe if you want it.

  2. We agree go the bigger one. This will be your home not just a place to live....