Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's war!

Well while I have been doing research and consulting my conscience on how much I want to defend my garden it seems the possum has already declared full on war. Monday night it ran across Vinnies roof, screamed loudly from a few metres away, climbed the tree and dropped things on the roof and stole two pieces of mouldy bread next to Vinnies door that were destined for the worm bin despite me shining a spot light on it. Tuesday night after it climbed over the roof for the third time at 2am and woke me up I shook it off (pop roof is spring mounted), then thought well that will teach it! Less than an hour later it came back - climbing a different tree. It has now devastated parts of the garden. This is a photo of what were five capsicum plants just starting to flower - you may have trouble making them out since not one has a single whole leaf left! The healthy looking plant is a self seeded basil - thankfully it doesn't seem to like that yet. It also likes tomato, peas and carrot leaves. I wouldn't mind if it just ate the fruit (since I could probably bag some for me) but if it keeps chomping all the leaves off I'll never get any fruit.

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