Tuesday, February 15, 2011

 Here are the guys from Clarence-Nambucca, left to right, Robyn, Bryan, Graeme (kneeling), Kim, Victor, George, Nicky and me. Graeme was my team leader, and Kim and Robyn team mates.
 This was a huge job at the marina that we started but had to leave to get back to Cairns. I was all harnessed up at the bottom of ladder when it was canceled.
 Kim and I did this job alone on the roof - chainsawing off a big clump of palms and two single palms.
 These were enemy number one (well two if you count heat/humidity). Green ants make nest with leaves and actively defend the branch by swarming on you and biting and spraying formic acid. Which as poor Kim found out really hurts if they bite you on your eyelids and spray in your eyes (she got one on each eye within two minutes). They also will drop down from above if tree is bumped.
 The trees were stripped of leaves and minor branches for kilometers. Jungle covered hills now look as if a bad fire has been through.
The marina got badly hit - Hinchinbrook island funneled the worst onto Cardwell. There was an 8m swell which lifted the boats and dropped them onto the land.

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