Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Storms and snake

Have had a lot of stormy weather - Saturday Coffs got hit by high winds, blew the roof off several houses (including one 92 yr old from a caravan cabin who rang 000 and turned up at emergency on Cathy's shift - nothing acute medically just no roof). Corindi got asked to assist so I turned up at Coffs SES but the rest of the team only got part way before they got jobs in upper Corindi - lots of trees down which took them hours. I headed up to meet them but Paul rang to say duty phone wasn't working so instead I headed to unit to take  calls (didn't get any).
On Monday there were more scattered storm cells - one skirted right by my place and went on to knock trees down on the highway at Halfway Creek. I went out on verandah to call back Paul about possible chainsaw jobs in Coffs in time to see a python disappearing into grass from under the cabin. I think I better do some grass cutting.

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