Sunday, June 24, 2012

Winter Garden

 Bed 1 - garlic chive, red potato second generation from Bunnings seed (turns out they sprouted too soon), a rogue tomato, leeks, bunching onion and cabbage.
 Bed 2 replanted onion, coriander, um rogue tomato, capsicum at back. Recently cleared out Chia self seeded, collected some seed.
 Bed 3 Tomato (2 shop bought = mistake can't take frosts), old silverbeet, old corn, a punnet of sweet peas on left side (not visible).

 Bed 4 Perennial bed - Cut down asparagus (one out of synch plant still sending up shoots), strawberries, invisible perennial basil, hopefully aloe vera still alive and rhubarb at the back.  
 Bed 5 Mostly new - carrots, broccoli, silver beet, onion, leek, basil going to seed, and 3 cabbage seedlings.
Front celery from last year (never looked like shop celery), relic silver beet x 2; old dying roma tomatoes.

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