Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vet check

Minnie had her first vet check, vaccination and microchip inserted. She weighs a whopping 1.55 kg. Vet found no problems, and she barely whined during needles (that microchip needle is huge) despite a big build up by vet how most puppies scream. Back in 4 weeks for next vaccination and start heartworm treatment. Might join up for 3 week puppy classes starting 8 Aug. Left her at the vets for a few hours while I went to Tursa and shopped (mainly puppy stuff). Still not sure about final size, even though she has blue heeler colours the vet said her blue heeler pups were three times her size at that age. Need to work out a tick treatment - have already found one on her, but frontline/advantage seems very expensive and you still have to check them daily (takes 2 days attached to cause paralysis).  Pig ears are a big win, ok for now when a small bit is enough but don't want to be buying one every day at nearly $3. Have to do more research on feeding to balance nutrients and economy, the vet pushes Advance dry food "all she needs".

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