Sunday, January 29, 2012

 At 9am Thursday morning I noticed the creek was breaking its bank below the cabin (picture 1). Since I was suppose to be doing a solar power course up at Nimbin on the weekend I spent 15 mins packing camping gear and food for three days in case I couldn't get back home. Then I drove to Corindi SES - there was already water over the Pacific Hwy north of Corindi but I got through.


Less than an hour after I goto SES the requests for assistance started coming, earlier on we got thirty at once in a single refresh (update). Ended up with over 70 jobs, 11 Corindi members turned over the day, and lots of RFS and fire brigade support who made a huge number of sandbags. The Corindi creek broke its banks and flooded four houses which had to be evacuated (and we had to figure out what to do with them).
I stayed at the unit overnight since my neighbour Peter had rung to say the bridge near my place was 2+m underwater. The next day we finished off the jobs and packed up at 2:30pm. I drove back to Parker Rd to find there was still 50cm of water over the bridge and I had to wait 2.5 hours for it to go down. Several others crossed much earlier but it would be too embarrassing to get stuck on a flooded bridge in SES uniform.

 Here is the view from cabin once I finally got home at 5:30pm, creek is still over its banks.

I rang the course providers (Rainbow Power) and told them I couldn't make it, they run them ever 6 weeks or so, so hopefully can go to next one.

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