Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pump troubles

30 Dec my pump stopped working in between cooking dinner and washing my hands afterwards (yummy lamb chops kindly donated by Cathy by her forgetting to take them home on Christmas day). The pump was very hot so I disconnected the wires (before I remembered it had its own circuit). I wasn't entirely surprised because the plumber had admitted he had never installed one like that (although he took the manual home overnight) and it had been noisy and seemed to flutter on/off. Also I didn't install a pressure accumulator because they guys who sold it to me (Rainbow power company who did my solar system) said it didn't need one as it's variable speed. Not a great time to get hold of the plumber (he did get back to me about 10 days later), but I also left message for my neighbour Peter (who was in Darwin). Back to lugging water and wow does a flushing toilet use alot of water. Six days later Peter got back to me to say his friend Jason would come around to look at pump. Turns out when I powered it up it worked! Jason explained they have a overheat cutoff. The next day I had a shower and after turned off tap could hear a humming - sure enough it was stuck on again. When I went out I could see it was leaking slightly onto the wires. Hopefully adding an accumulator and making sure the wires are not underneath any leaks should fix it.

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