Friday, May 18, 2012

Phone land line

The trench has been dug and phone line laid though still need to get a boring crew out to bore along the verge to the nearest pit on my neighbours place. I'm planning to get incoming calls only. I also have a new mobile (same number) because all the senior SES guys have gone away this week so I'm duty officer and had to get reception inside the cabin. Of course my old mobile couldn't work with the antennae. I was told it was a $30/month plan, $20 of calls and $10 for the flash touch phone, however just got my bill for the first 7 days of calls, plus $35 for the next month and its $56. Will have to chase it up because it's not what I was sold. I've been unwell for 10 days now - I thought it was food poisoning but its not getting better so heading into Grafton hospital to get it checked out.

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