Monday, August 13, 2012

Puppy school

Off to our second of three puppy school classes tonight. Minnie isn't the star pupil - she hid in the corner and snapped at any puppy that got too close, can't even say she was the littlest one there. One pup with paws that looked as big as her head kept bowing to her and trying to get her to play, but then "patted" her so I can understand a little. I've taken a phenergan as being in a room full of puppies for over an hour really set off my allergies last week. Then Friday afternoon I had a whole torso hive attack, luckily it was better by the morning.

I also took her to the community garden on Sunday - put her pen up against a wall and she had three hours of kids playing with her. Had to keep telling them to give her a break, not put her up to walk on the single brick wall. At least I have the fence around the house now - am thinking since it's not suppose to be cold tonight might try her outside overnight (and have my bathroom back!).

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