Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Minnie's first swim

We went for a walk to the dam (~500m) as usual. Minnie enjoys wading but hadn't quite gone swimming before, I was waiting till I go swimming (35+, a nice spot and preferably a blue moon) before encouraging her to try. The dam flow way is covered in rough concrete, under cut on the bottom edge. Minnie fell in and swam to the nearest rock - under the concrete, and wasn't willing to swim out. At that moment a neighbour walked past - seemed a bit confused when I said I had to rescue my dog, since she wasn't visible. I had to take off my boots and wade in to reach her. She is enjoying chasing kangaroos (but I have to back her up for a big mob) and birds. I'm going to take her to obedience training at Grafton on Sunday.

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