Monday, September 24, 2012

SES Bush Skills weekend

 We camped at Station Creek, the kookaburra grabbed a sandwich out of Ray's hand, and later a goanna prowled around.  Cathy came out for a BBQ, but wimped out on camping out.

 We did some gravel driving, practising in a quarry and doing a vehicle navigation ending up at Jonaas Zilinska's statue (timber cutter and former trapese artist). Cut and winched a log.
Jeff and Debbie weren't really roughing it in their camper.

 This caravan got bogged getting to Pebbly Beach. Thankfully someone else was already winching them out.
 We walked to Pebbly beach.

 A python I nearly stepped on.
 Crossing back across Station Creek.
Thankfully I didn't take any photos before Ray put his pants back on.

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